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UK Work Permits: Your Gateway to Opportunities

Welcome to a world of diverse work opportunities in the United Kingdom. Whether you have ancestral ties, particular skills, or unique talents, the UK beckons with potential and promise. Delve deeper into the various categories of work permits and find the one tailored for you.

Ancestry Visa

Your direct descent from a UK national could be your ticket to living and working in the UK.

Key Qualifying Requirement: UK Born Grandparent. Delve into the Ancestry Visa

Skilled Worker Visas

Got skills? The UK values them. Take a step towards building your career in one of the world’s most dynamic economies.

Key Qualifying Requirement: UK Job Offer from a Licensed Employer. Skill Your Way to the UK

Global Talent Visas

For exceptionally talented and promising individuals, the UK extends an invitation to showcase your flair.

Key Qualifying Requirement: Doctorate (PhD) in Academia, Research, Arts, Culture or Digital Technology. Display Your Global Talent

High Potential Individual Visas

A platform for the ambitious and high-achieving individuals to mark their territory in the UK.

Key Qualifying Requirement: Degree issued by one of the world’s recognized top 50 universities. Realize Your Potential

Global Business Mobility

For businesses set on expanding horizons, the UK offers avenues for seamless transitions and expansions.

Key Qualifying Requirement: Work in a senior role for a large organization looking to expand operations into the UK. Globalize Your Business

Scale-Up Worker Visa

For startups set to soar, the UK’s Scale-Up Visa offers you the runway.

Key Qualifying Requirement: UK job offer from a Licensed Employer. Accelerate Your Ascent

Take the next step towards shaping your professional future in the UK. Browse through our specialized visa categories, and let Move Up guide you through the nuances and procedures.

Ancestry Visa Expanded

Find out provisions for family, qualifying requirements, costs, processing times and documents needed.

UK Work Permit

Find out about qualifying requirements, family dependents, costs, processing times, documents needed and more..

Global Talent

Display your global talent.

Business Mobility

See how you can take your business with you.

Scale Up Worker Visas

Get ready to soar!