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Welcome to Move Up, your trusted partner for UK visa solutions for South Africans. Our team of experts is well-versed in the UK government’s visa rules and requirements, ensuring that you don’t have to be. We pride ourselves on our ethical approach.

Move Up has

7 dedicated UK Visa departments

UK Visitor Visa Department

Whether you’re hoping to visit the UK as a tourist, attend business meetings, or just pass through as a transit passenger, the UK offers a variety of visas tailored to your needs.

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UK Family Visa Department

When it comes to moving to the UK, family ties play a crucial role. Whether you’re looking to join a partner, bring over dependents, or unite with extended family members, the UK government has established specific visa categories tailored for varied family circumstances.

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UK Birth right department

At the core of UK immigration laws lies the principle of descent. Your UK ancestry can open doors, granting access to rights and privileges that come with British nationality.

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UK Work Permit department

Whether you have ancestral ties, particular skills, or unique talents, the UK beckons with potential and promise.

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UK Student Visa Department

Whether you’re aiming for primary, secondary, tertiary, or short-term studies, the UK’s educational landscape is second to none.

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UK High Valued Migrants Department

The UK extends a warm invitation to highly valued migrants who bring significant value to the nation through their expertise, business acumen, or sporting prowess.

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Legal Department

From initial consultation, evidence gathering, to submission of appeal or request for review, we are by your side, offering insights, advice, and support.

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Benefits of using Move Up's Representation

Higher Success Rate

Benefit from Move Up’s guarantee of a successful first-time outcome, significantly increasing the likelihood of visa approval and reducing the potential stress and cost of reapplication.

Financial Security

Enjoy peace of mind with Move Up’s full refund policy on the case fee if the visa application is not successful on the first attempt, ensuring financial security and trust in the service.

Clear Cost Understanding

Experience transparency with openly declared standard case fees, allowing for clear budgeting and financial planning without the worry of hidden charges or surprise costs

Rapid Communication

Gain confidence with Move Up’s commitment to a 6 working hour response time, ensuring that queries are addressed promptly and clients are continuously supported throughout the process.

Risk-Free Assessment

Take advantage of Move Up’s complimentary initial assessments to ascertain eligibility and case viability, ensuring that time and resources are invested wisely in qualified cases.

Expert Representation

Leverage over a decade of specialized experience and established relationships within the UK immigration system, providing an insider advantage that enhances the application’s strength.

Streamlined Application

Process Benefit from Move Up’s expertise in simplifying and streamlining the visa application process, making it more manageable and less daunting for applicants.

Avoidance of Common Pitfalls

Minimize the risk of common application mistakes and oversights that could lead to delays or denials, thanks to Move Up’s thorough review and professional guidance.

Informed Decision-Making

Make well-informed decisions at every step of the application process, guided by Move Up’s transparent and expert advice, ensuring that clients understand their options and the implications of their choices

Future Application Ease

Protect your future travel and immigration opportunities with a strong, professionally prepared visa application, reducing the risk of complications in future applications due to previous refusals or issues.

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We are South African-based and work in Rands making us price-competitive. We offer a standardized solution, therefore we publicly list our case fees, but our competitors don’t.

Do you qualify?

Free Visa Assessments

At Move Up, we understand that the UK visa process can be overwhelming. To simplify things and help you understand your eligibility better, we offer a range of free assessments tailored to different visa categories. Choose the assessment that best fits your circumstances.

We offer free email and online assessments – both the theory and practical side to confirm eligibility. This means we ask to check qualifying documents before offering representation. The free assessment enables us to maintain a 99% success rate. We don’t offer representation in cases that don’t qualify.

Work Permit

Determine your eligibility for a UK work permit. Suitable for those looking to work in the UK.

Birth Rights

Discover if you qualify for a visa based on your ancestral connections or other birth rights.

Visitor Visa

Planning a short stay or a visit to the UK? Check your eligibility for a UK visitor visa.

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Complex Cases

For situations that don’t fit the standard mold, our complex cases assessment can guide you through the intricacies of your unique circumstances.

Family Visa

If you’re looking to join a family member in the UK, determine your eligibility and the right visa category for you.

Birth Certificate

Ascertain your eligibility for a UK birth certificate based on your lineage and other criteria.

How much?

Cost Breakdowns

We aim to make this journey as transparent and straightforward as possible. Our commitment to clarity and openness is evident in our standardized service fees.

family visa costs

Student visa costs

work permit costs

highly valued migrants costs

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We offer quick response times – 6 working hours to email queries and we offer a full refund on our case fee – no hidden admin fees guaranteeing a successful first-time outcome with our representation