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Sport Person Visa: Compete or Shine Professionally in the UK


The UK’s vibrant sporting scene is legendary. From football to rugby, cricket to athletics, the UK provides unparalleled opportunities for sportspersons to shine, either as seasonal participants or as professionals looking to relocate. If you’re a talented athlete eyeing the UK’s sporting horizon, the Sport Person Visa provides the ideal pathway.

Two Paths, One Passion

Seasonal Visitors:

      • Designed for athletes participating in specific sports events, leagues or seasons.
      • Ideal for short-term stints, trainings, or competitions in the UK.
      • Typically valid for the duration of the event or season.

Relocating Professionals:

      • Aimed at elite sportspersons and coaches, recognized by their sport’s national governing body.
      • Provides the opportunity to live, train, and compete in the UK.
      • Potential to apply for long-term residency after continued stay and contribution to the UK sporting scene.

Why Move Up?

    1. Tailored Guidance: Whether you’re here for a season or planning a prolonged stay, our guidance is tailored to your sporting aspirations in the UK.
    2. Visa Mastery: Navigating sports visas can be complex. Our team ensures your application aligns with all requirements, maximizing approval chances.
    3. Transition Support: Beyond visa processing, we assist in your UK transition, be it short-term accommodation or long-term settlement.


The UK beckons – its stadiums, tracks, fields, and arenas are ripe with opportunity. Whether you’re aiming for a seasonal sprint or a marathon stay, the Sport Person Visa is your starting block. And with Move Up, you’re already on the path to victory.

“Ready to make your mark in the UK sports arena? Whether it’s a seasonal visit or a professional relocation, start your journey with Move Up. Chat with our sports visa experts today!”

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