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Highly Valued Migrants: The Pinnacle of UK Immigration


The UK extends a warm invitation to highly valued migrants who bring significant value to the nation through their expertise, business acumen, or sporting prowess. For South Africans who excel in their respective fields and aspire to take their talents to the UK, this category provides a golden opportunity.

Overview of Visa Options for Highly Valued Migrants

At Move Up, we offer a variety of visa pathways to accommodate the diverse aspirations of highly valued migrants. Each category is designed to cater to specific needs, whether it’s family reunification, business endeavors, or sporting commitments:

      • Family Dependents of Highly Valued Migrants: Ensuring that your family can join you, this category allows loved ones to accompany or join you later in the UK. Learn more about family dependents provisions.

      • Innovator’s Founder Visa: Specifically designed for entrepreneurs looking to establish a business in the UK based on an innovative, viable, and scalable business idea. Explore the Innovator’s Founder Visa.

      • Sole Representative Visa: Ideal for individuals who are planning to set up a UK branch for an overseas company, allowing them to develop their business presence in the UK. Discover more about the Sole Representative Visa.

      • Sportspersons: Tailored for athletes and sportspersons looking to compete, train, or participate in sports at a high level in the UK. Delve into provisions for sportspersons.

      • Global Talent Visas: For individuals who are leaders or emerging leaders in academia, arts, digital technology, and research wishing to work in the UK. Explore the Global Talent Visa.

      • High Potential Individual Visas: Designed for recent graduates from top global universities who want to work or look for work in the UK. Learn more about HPI visas.

      • Global Business Mobility: A suite of visas aimed at facilitating temporary work assignments in the UK for those sent by their employer. Discover Global Business Mobility options.

      • Scale-up Worker Visa: For talented individuals who have a job offer from a recognized UK scale-up at the required skill level and salary. Explore the Scale-up Worker Visa.

      • Frontier Worker Visa: Allows individuals who are resident in another country but work in the UK to continue their activities. Learn about the Frontier Worker Visa.

Why Choose the Highly Valued Migrants Route?

    • Recognition: This esteemed category acknowledges and rewards excellence in various domains, offering migrants the recognition they deserve.
    • Opportunities: The UK is a land of opportunity, and highly valued migrants can access the best in their respective sectors, from business ecosystems to world-class sporting facilities.
    • Family Inclusion: Ensure your family’s well-being by bringing them along, with provisions tailored to ensure their seamless integration into UK society.

Move Up’s Expertise

Though opportunities abound, the path for highly valued migrants comes with its unique challenges. At Move Up, we pride ourselves on simplifying this process:

    1. Personalized Guidance: Every individual is unique, and so are their aspirations. We tailor our services to align with your objectives.
    2. Success Rate: Our team’s expertise ensures a smooth transition, backed by our impressive success rate.
    3. Post-arrival Assistance: Our commitment doesn’t end with the visa. We provide post-arrival support to help you settle into your new life in the UK.


The Highly Valued Migrants category is a testament to the UK’s commitment to welcoming global talent. If you possess the expertise, business acumen, or sporting prowess that the UK values, this is your gateway to a world of unparalleled opportunities.

“Believe you fit the bill? Let Move Up guide you through this prestigious migration pathway. Explore the specific categories or begin your journey with us today.”

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