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Unlock Your Educational Aspirations: UK Student Visas

The United Kingdom boasts some of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions and offers a myriad of academic experiences. Whether you’re aiming for primary, secondary, tertiary, or short-term studies, the UK’s educational landscape is second to none. Start your journey with Move Up, and let’s turn your academic dreams into reality!

Key Features:

    • World-Class Institutions: Study in globally renowned universities and schools.
    • Diverse Programs: Access to a plethora of academic and vocational programs.
    • Skill Development: Benefit from state-of-the-art facilities and industry exposure.
    • Cultural Enrichment: Experience the rich heritage and multicultural essence of the UK.

3 Types of Student Visas:

1. Student Visitor Visa:

            • Ideal for short courses or training sessions.
            • Stay duration typically limited to a short period.
            • No work rights while on this visa.

2. Tertiary Studies Visa:

            • For students enrolled in higher education courses.
            • Extended duration based on the course length.
            • Opportunities for part-time work alongside studies.

3. Primary & Secondary Studies Visa:

            • Specifically for younger students.
            • Can be linked with guardian or parent visas.
            • Emphasis on comprehensive child welfare.
  • Family Dependents:
      • For family members of student visa holders.
      • Ensures families can stay united during the study period.
      • Eligibility criteria apply based on the primary student visa.

Short Courses

Catering for courses less than 6 months. If you are looking to stay in the UK whilst engaging on a short course, this visa is for you:

Post High School

This visa caters for South Africans looking to become full time students in the UK. If you are willing and able to pay international school fees, this visa is for you:

Kids Student Visa

Catering for parents insisting on their kids attending UK boarding school, check out the:

Love Ones Joining?

Looking to have your loved ones join you?


Start Your Application with Move Up:

    1. Consultation: Discuss your study ambitions, and let’s find the right visa for you.
    2. Document Preparation: Collect essential documents including your Certificate of Acceptance.
    3. Application & Submission: Rely on our experts to handle the intricacies of the application process.
    4. Post-Application: We’ll keep you informed throughout and assist with any additional requirements.


Why Choose Move Up?

    • Expert Guidance: Decades of experience in navigating UK visa processes.
    • Hassle-Free Process: We manage the intricate details, ensuring a smooth visa journey.
    • Affordable Rates: Best services at competitive prices.
    • Success Stories: A high success rate with thousands of satisfied students.

🔗 SUBMIT YOUR CERTIFICATE OF ACCEPTANCE and let’s embark on your academic journey in the UK!

Gap Year Visa Options

For more information for under 30s looking for UK work experience:

For more information:

Alternatively call:

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