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UK Visitor Visas: Short Stays Explained

Whether you’re hoping to visit the UK as a tourist, attend business meetings, or just pass through as a transit passenger, the UK offers a variety of visas tailored to your needs.

Below, we’ve detailed the various short-stay visas available, ensuring you find the right fit for your travel intentions.

Tourist Visits

Discover the UK’s rich history, iconic landmarks, and vibrant culture. If you’re planning a holiday, find out more about the tourist visa tailored for leisurely visits. Explore tourist visa options…

Business Visits

For professionals looking to engage in business activities, including meetings, trainings, or conferences, the UK business visit visa caters to your needs. Details on business visit visas…

Transit through the UK

If you’re simply passing through the UK en route to another destination, you might require a transit visa. There are two types:

Airside Transit

For passengers not passing border control. Learn more about airside transit…

Landside Transit

For those who need to change airports or pass border control. Details on landside transit…

Visiting Family and Friends

Reconnect with loved ones or friends residing in the UK. Know more about the requirements and how to apply for this type of visitor visa. More on family and friend visits…

Attending Interviews in the UK

Traveling to the UK for a job interview? The UK permits individuals to enter the country to attend interviews. Understand the requirements, process, and what to expect. More on attending interviews…

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