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Understanding UK Visa Fees: Comprehensive Cost Breakdown

Navigating the cost landscape of UK visas can be a complex and daunting task.

At Move Up UK, we aim to simplify this process by providing you with a detailed breakdown of the fees associated with various visa categories.

Whether you’re planning a visit, seeking employment, pursuing higher education, or looking to join family members, understanding the financial commitments involved is crucial for effective planning and budgeting.

Below, you’ll find specific pages dedicated to different types of UK visas, each offering an in-depth look at the costs you can expect, including application fees, additional charges, and potential hidden expenses. Let’s explore the financial aspects of your visa journey:


Visit the UK

For more information on the cost of a UK visitor visa for South Africans:

Visitor Visa Cost Breakdown

Planning a trip to the UK for leisure, business, or family visits? Our Visitor Visa Cost Breakdown page provides a clear and detailed overview of the fees associated with short-term stays. Discover the various visitor visa options, the associated costs, and tips for a successful application.

Learn More About Visitor Visa Costs

UK Work Permit

For more information on UK work permit costs, check out our:

Work Permit Cost Breakdown

If you’re considering working in the UK, understanding the cost implications of your work permit is essential. Our Work Permit Cost Breakdown page outlines the fees for different types of work visas, including Skilled Worker visas and temporary work permits. Get insights into the costs, additional charges, and how to manage your budget effectively.

Discover Work Permit Fees

Highly Valued

For those who meet the UK’s defined valued migrants, check out our dedicated:

Highly Valued Migrants Cost Breakdown

The UK welcomes highly skilled professionals and entrepreneurs through various visa schemes. Our Highly Valued Migrants Cost Breakdown page details the fees for visas such as the Global Talent Visa and Innovator Visa. Find out about the application costs, related expenses, and what you need to budget for your move to the UK.

Explore Highly Valued Migrants Visa Costs


Family Visas

Catering for South Africans joining as family dependents, check out our:

Family Visas Cost Breakdown

Reuniting with family in the UK is a significant step, and understanding the financial requirements is vital. Our Family Visas Cost Breakdown page provides a comprehensive overview of the fees for spouse, partner, child, and parent visas. Learn about the costs involved and how to prepare financially for your family’s relocation.

View Family Visa Fees

Student Visas

South Africans looking to study in the UK, check out our:

Student Visa Cost Breakdown

Studying in the UK offers a wealth of opportunities, but it’s important to be aware of the financial commitments. Our Student Visa Cost Breakdown page highlights the fees for student visas, including application charges and other related costs. Get a clear picture of the financial requirements for your academic journey in the UK.

Check Out Student Visa Costs


Understanding visa fees is a crucial step in your UK immigration journey. At Move Up UK, we’re here to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions and plan your finances effectively. Explore the detailed cost breakdowns for each visa type and take the next step towards achieving your UK immigration goals.

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