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Adult Dependents

Adult Dependents: Understanding Dependency for South Africans


Adult dependency visas allow South Africans to join or remain with family members in the UK, provided they can demonstrate a certain level of dependency on their UK-based relatives. This page explores these visas in detail, focusing particularly on the most commonly witnessed cases: adult minors and parent dependency claims.

Types of Adult Dependency

    1. Adult Minors: These are adults who, due to certain circumstances such as disabilities or serious health conditions, cannot independently care for themselves and thus rely on family members for their daily needs.
    2. Parent Dependency: Elderly parents, often facing health or other challenges, might find themselves dependent on their children residing in the UK for their upkeep and care.

Demonstrating Financial Dependency

Financial dependency forms a cornerstone of adult dependent visas. Here’s what you need to know:

    • Clear Evidence: This could be in the form of bank transfers, shared finances, or other financial support provided by the UK-based relative.
    • Consistent Support: The financial support should be ongoing and consistent, rather than a one-time or sporadic occurrence.
    • Substantial Dependency: The applicant should demonstrate that a significant portion of their financial needs is met by their UK-based relative, and that they would face undue hardship without this support.

Other Considerations

    • Emotional and Physical Dependency: Apart from financial dependency, emotional or physical dependency due to health reasons can also be considered.
    • Living Arrangements: Evidence might be required to show cohabitation or plans to live together once the visa is granted.
    • Credibility: The relationship between the applicant and the UK relative should be genuine, with proof of ongoing contact and mutual support.

How Move Up Can Help

The process of proving dependency can be complex, but with the right guidance, it becomes manageable. Move Up’s experienced team:

    1. Offers advice on gathering necessary evidence.
    2. Helps navigate the intricacies of the application process.
    3. Ensures that the dependency is appropriately presented to UK visa authorities.


Adult dependency visas serve as a bridge to unite families and ensure that South Africans who genuinely depend on their UK relatives can be together. The key is a well-prepared application, backed by solid evidence.

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