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Family Visas in the UK for South Africans

When it comes to moving to the UK, family ties play a crucial role. Whether you’re looking to join a partner, bring over dependents, or unite with extended family members, the UK government has established specific visa categories tailored for varied family circumstances. While all these come under the umbrella of “family visas”, there are distinct provisions for different family dependents. Each has its set of costs, qualifying criteria, visa conditions, and processing times.

Settlement Visa:

A gateway to making the UK your long-term home, the Settlement Visa is for those joining British passport holders in the UK as family dependents.

Spouses & Partners:

For those intending to live with their spouse or long-term partner in the UK.

Minor Dependents:

Detailed provisions for those looking to bring their children to the UK.

Adult Dependents:

A section dedicated to adult family members who depend on you for care.


Understanding the myriad of family visa categories can be daunting. However, with each tailored to specific family relationships and circumstances, it is crucial to pinpoint the one best suited to your situation. Navigate through the links provided to dive deeper into each category, understand the requirements, and get a clear picture of the process.


Understanding the Costs of UK Family Visas

Reuniting with family in the UK is a significant and emotional milestone.

Our Family Visas Cost Breakdown page provides a detailed overview of the various fees associated with family visas, including spouse, partner, child, and parent visas.

Being informed about these costs is essential for effective planning and ensuring a smooth application process. 

Explore the comprehensive breakdown of application fees, additional charges, and other potential expenses to fully understand the financial requirements for bringing your loved ones to the UK.

Family Visa Assessment

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