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UK Transit Visas

Whether you’re just passing through or making a brief stopover, the UK Transit Visa facilitates your journey through the UK, ensuring a seamless transition to your final destination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Are there different types of transit visas for the UK?
Yes, there are primarily two: Airside Transit and Landside Transit. The former is for those not passing through UK border control, while the latter is for those who need to change airports or pass through border control.

2. How long can I stay in the UK with a transit visa?
Typically, for up to 48 hours, depending on whether it’s an Airside or Landside Transit visa.

3. Do I always need a transit visa when transiting through the UK?
Not always. Some nationalities, and those with valid visas or residence permits from certain other countries, might not require a transit visa. It’s best to check specific requirements or consult with an expert.

Documents Needed:

To streamline your transit:

    • Valid passport or equivalent travel document.
    • Confirmation of your onward journey, such as a flight ticket.
    • Visa for your next destination, if required.
    • Any other documentation depending on the type of transit visa you’re applying for.

How to Apply with Move Up:

    1. Consultation: Speak with our visa experts to determine which transit visa suits your needs.
    2. Document Gathering: Collect and provide the necessary paperwork; we’ll review everything for completeness.
    3. Submission & Monitoring: Leave the application details to us. We’ll keep you updated at every step.
    4. Approval: Once approved, you’ll be ready for your transit through the UK.

Start with a Free Assessment:

Navigating the nuances of transit visas can be tricky. Allow us to guide you with a free assessment. Determine your needs, understand the process, and transit through the UK with ease.

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Cost Breakdown

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