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Tertiary Studies

Tertiary Studies in the UK: Unlock Doors to World-Class Higher Education

Welcome to our Tertiary Studies visa segment. If you’re aiming to delve deep into higher education in the UK, you’re at the right place. The UK’s renowned universities and academic institutions beckon, and with our guidance, you can realize your academic dreams.

About the Tertiary Studies Visa:

This visa category is tailored for students wishing to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral programs in the UK. It’s the ticket to full-time academic pursuits at the heart of global education.

Key Features:

    1. Duration: The validity matches the length of your course, often with a short grace period post-completion.
    2. Full-time Study: Enroll in full-time courses in recognized UK universities.
    3. Work Rights: Limited part-time work rights while studying.
    4. Extensions: Possible, especially if you move on to a higher academic level or have compelling reasons.

Eligibility Criteria:

    • Confirmed Place: A confirmed place on a course with a licensed student sponsor.
    • Language Proficiency: Meet the English language proficiency level set by the institution.
    • Maintenance Funds: Sufficient funds to support yourself and pay for your course.
    • Previous Studies: Progression from previous studies, if applicable.

Application Process with Move Up:

    1. Initial Consultation: Share your academic aspirations, and let’s outline the best path.
    2. Document Verification: We’ll meticulously verify your university acceptance letter, financial proofs, and other crucial documents.
    3. Application Submission: Our expertise ensures a flawless application, maximizing your chances.
    4. Continuous Support: Track your application’s progress and receive expert guidance throughout the visa process.

Why Choose Move Up?:

    • Deep Expertise: Navigating the maze of UK student visas can be daunting. With our deep understanding, we simplify this journey.
    • Proven Track Record: Hundreds of students have embarked on their UK academic journey through our assistance.
    • End-to-End Support: From identifying the right course to celebrating your visa grant, we’re with you at every step.

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