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OISC and South Africa

Understanding OISC & Its Role in South Africa

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) governs UK-based immigration practices. Many often wonder about its influence over South African UK immigration consultancies, such as Move Up. Let’s dive deep into what this means for you.

OISC and Move Up: The Distinction

    1. OISC’s Geographical Limitation: OISC exclusively regulates UK-based immigration firms. This means South African UK immigration consultancies like Move Up fall outside its purview. Were it otherwise, rest assured, Move Up would be compliant.
    2. Move Up’s Legal Expertise: Our team is spearheaded by Gwen Vermeulen, a dedicated litigation attorney. Her fervour for UK immigration and British nationality law ensures that clients receive top-notch advice and guidance.
    3. Economical Advantage with Move Up: Without the need to align with OISC’s regulatory standards, Move Up doesn’t bear the high overhead costs associated with UK operations and wages. This translates into affordability for our clients, offering them the best services at competitive prices.
    4. Advocacy for South African Oversight: Ryan Rennison, our core team member, has engaged with the UKVI in discussions to establish an OISC-like governing body in South Africa. However, the UKVI feels the volume of South African relocations doesn’t necessitate such a setup, given the comparative metrics with other nations.

Why Choose a South Africa-based Consultancy?

    • Depth of Understanding: Our South African roots give us unparalleled insights into local nuances, enabling us to interpret processes and policies with an SA lens.
    • Efficiency in Sourcing Documents: Having been in the trenches, we know exactly where to go and how to obtain the critical documents our clients need, without unnecessary delays.
    • Direct Problem-solving Routes: We are uniquely positioned to offer direct solutions tailored to South African-specific challenges, ensuring swift and smooth resolutions.

Your Trusted Partner in the Immigration Journey

With an in-depth understanding of both UK immigration nuances and South African challenges, Move Up remains your reliable partner in this journey. Our commitment to excellence, affordability, and client success sets us apart.

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